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Examples of consulting assignments include:


· Conducted an intensive organization review of two of Canada's largest insurance companies preceding their merging in order to recommend organization design and human resources strategies for the merger to the executive.

· Provided consulting advice on the impact of the merger of two major Canadian Oil companies in terms of Human Resources management.

Consulted on organization development, organization culture and human resources issues during the merger of two of Canada's major providers of health care services.

· Conducted a major review and re-organization of the Human Resources function of the Ontario Workers Compensation Board.

· Assisted the Senior Vice President of Corporate Services for one of Canada’s largest insurance companies with the development of re-organization proposals for the delivery of the human resources function throughout the company, both nationally and internationally.

· Conducted a review of the organizational effectiveness of a major department of the City of Hamilton.

· Conducted an organization review and strategic plan for Pitney Bowes of Canada.

· Conducted a re-organization of the administrative and management structures of the Yukon Department of Education and Yukon College.

· Developed a detailed organization structure and advised and assisted the Secretary of the Treasury Board for the Ontario Government on implementation for the newly created Treasury Board.

· Developed a transitional action plan for the Ontario Ministry of Skills Development for its transition to the Ontario Training and Adjustment Board, including a detailed implementation strategy.

· Conducted a major review and re-organization of the Human Resources function of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

· Consulted with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General on options for re-organization of Administration functions including Finance, HR, and IS.

· Developed and conducted a climate survey for a Data Processing Department of a large Western based oil company.

· Conducted a climate survey for a major financial institution, including feedback and follow-up planning sessions with work units to address climate and management issues.

· Conducted a review of the structure, facilitated a strategic and operational plan and advised on the re-organization of the management structure of the Science Council of Canada.

· Assisted a major oil company with the development of a comprehensive employee climate survey.

· Conducted a comprehensive review and re-organization of the Human Resources function and delivery of Human resources services for the Canadian government Department of Human Resources and Development.

· Conducted an organization review for the Minister’s office for the Ontario Ministry of Culture and Communications and developed recommendations and strategy for structure, roles and responsibilities. Provided line direction through implementation.

· Assisted the Deputy Minister of Education and Training for Ontario with a major re-organization and the implementation of new organizational practices throughout the ministry over the period of a two year consulting contract.


· Consulted to the Ontario Government Cabinet Office for Executive Resources on the development of the Deputy Minister performance contracting system, and on pay-for-performance for Deputy Ministers in the government of Ontario.

· Conducted a study for the Ontario Government on the job classification of executives throughout the Public Service, and options for alternative methods of classification.

· Consulted to the Management Board of Cabinet for the Ontario Government on pay-for-performance for agency heads and commissions.

· Consulted to the Regional Executive Management committee of the Canadian federal Department of Human Resources on executive performance contracts, and executive effectiveness.

· Conducted a review and development of compensation options for the senior executive cadre for the Region of Peel.

· Developed a government-wide performance management system for the Attorney General of Ontario for assessing all legal directors across the Ontario Public Service.

· Assisted the executive Director of the Ontario Human Rights Commission with developing performance measures for the executive team.

· Consulted to a major hydroelectric utility on developing a strategically oriented performance management system and pay-for-performance scheme.

· Conducted a study with resulting recommendations on pay and merit pay options for the senior legislated positions in the Ontario Government.

· Conducted a major management audit into the effectiveness of Performance Appraisal systems throughout the Canadian federal government on behalf of the Auditor General of Canada.

· Developed performance management systems and pay-for-performance systems for several major hydroelectric utilities.


· Conducted team and leadership assessment and building for the executive and management cadre of Chubb Insurance.

· Conducted teambuilding and management effectiveness coaching over a 5 year period with the senior executive group of a division of Weston Foods.

· Designed a process for “peer” and “subordinate” assessment of senior executives for the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, and provided confidential feedback and reports.

· Conducted a team effectiveness diagnosis and team building and strategic planning for the executive of the Canadian federal Department of Human Resources Development.

· Facilitated team building and strategic planning with the executive for several major Hydro electrical utilities in Ontario.

· Assisted DMR, one of Canada’s largest data processing firms with developing core competencies and selection techniques for hiring their consultants.

· Consulted to the CAO of the Region of Peel on the selection of a Director of HR

· Identified candidates from a national search for the Assistant Deputy Minister position in the Ontario Ministry of Treasury and Economics.


· Conducted strategic planning and developed recommendations for the organization of a new government sponsored agency dedicated to promoting Ontario’s building industry.

· Facilitated strategic and tactical business planning with the senior executive and directors of Cadbury Chocolates of Canada.

· Assisted the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Citizenship and Culture with the development and on-going maintenance of strategic and operational plans.

· Facilitated strategic planning for the Civil Law Division of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.


· Assisted the Bank of Nova Scotia with the development of a succession planning process and management of executive competencies.

· Consulted on the development of a Career Development system for the Canada Post Corporation.

· Designed and delivered Career Development Training tools for Imperial Oil.

· Developed a Human Resources Planning framework for the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training.
Training and Development

·Conducted a comprehensive feasibility study into training facility needs for Imperial Oil.

· Developed a training and development plan, strategy and policies for the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training.

· Reviewed the effectiveness of training programs and strategies in several private and public sector organizations.

· Designed, delivered numerous training courses to management in a variety of disciplines.