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The following are a selection of comments from our valued clients:

" Mary offers incredible insights into the dynamics of senior leadership teams. Her ability to help frame team issues in a way that is approachable to executives is unparalleled."

-Bob Noftall
Senior Vice President
Cadbury Schweppes International

" Mary Pearson has the unique ability to combine superior human resource skills and business strategy. The performance management system she developed for the Ontario government Deputy Ministers is still in place 15 years later. I have personally engaged her in a number of major assignments at the senior executive level in a variety of organizations in Ontario and Manitoba over 16 years with consistently high quality results. Her strengths include helping organizations cope with change, mediating complex internal or external relationship challenges, designing performance management systems that tie to business strategy, and executive coaching and development programs. "

-Pat Jacobsen, CEO,
Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority

"I have counted on Mary Pearson for thoughtful, seasoned and creative advice for many years, and she always delivers. Mary is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with."

-Sharon Cohen, CEO,
Shared Services Bureau
Government of Ontario

"What makes Mary Pearson stand out from other consultants is implementation. It is that eye to implementation that makes Mary really useful to an organization."

-Roger Gordon, CAO and Assistant Deputy,
Ministries of Citizenship and Tourism, Culture and
Government of Ontario

"I had the recent opportunity to work with Mary Pearson on an Executive Compensation Package and development of job classifications for all staff. She was extremely diplomatic with our Board of Directors giving them all the counsel and guidance needed to make an informed decision. I highly recommend her for getting the job done well."

-Ted Vandevis, CEO,
Electrical and Utilities Safety Association of Ontario

"Pearson & Associates worked diligently with our organization to assist us in implementing a performance management system specific to our needs. We are now in the second year of this program, and it has yielded positive benefits, both from an organizational and staff perspective. We are now able to link individual performance with annual business plans to
ultimately achieve the goals of the organization."

-Stephen A. Will, B.P.H.E., CRSP
General Manager
Pulp and Paper Health and Safety Association

"I have worked directly with Mary Pearson for 17 years on successfully solving my organizational and human resources challenges. Her knowledge and experience plus her incredible empathy for people make her an exceptional consultant, colleague and friend."

-Dan Gordon
Director, Human Resources